Latest News: Sunday 11th May 2014 - SCC Updates on Walton Bridge

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SCC Updates on Walton Bridge
Sunday 11th May 2014

      Completion Ceremony Images: 11th July 2013

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Walton Bridge

The sixth bridge across the River Thames at Walton on Thames is open. The first cars crossed the new bridge at 5.47am on Monday 22 July 2013 after eighteen months of construction works.

Walton Bridge Feb 2014

Possible traffic delays

Work continues to complete the remaining parts of this project although the vast majority of these are located away from the main A244 which will result in minimal or no impact to road users. There will be occasions where there will be a need to install traffic management on the main A244 Walton Bridge Road to undertake certain elements of the work and details will be provided on this webpage and displayed on signs on site in advance.

9 May 2014

Eastbound (towards Walton) lane closure at the junction of the A244 Bridge Street and Oatlands Drive closing the left turn lane into Bridge Street/Hepworth Way between 8:00pm on Friday 9 May and 6:00am on Saturday 10 May to facilitate the resurfacing of the existing footway.

River navigation

With the completion of the demolition of the two old bridges and the removal of all of the structural piles from the River Thames, for the first time since before 1750 this section of the river is now completely unobstructed for river users and has opened up new views of the river.

Community meeting

Information from the previous meeting that took place on 16 April 2014 is attached through the Community Meeting link below.


With the project nearing completion with only landscaping and footway works to complete around the new bridge the webcam has been switched off although this webpage will continue to provide updates on the remaining works.


The main activities that will be taking place until the end of the project are:

  • Completion of the footway/cycleway paths and bridleways.
  • Completion of the landscaping works throughout.
  • Completion of the new Walton Marina access road and disabled car parking areas.
  • Completion of the new cafe toilet block adjacent to the Cowey Sale car park.
  • Construction of the new accommodation bridges within the Cowey Sale area.
  • Renovation of the old Cowey Sale viaduct.

We have details and drawings regarding the project on the links below.

If you have any questions please contact the Walton Bridge Project team at:

If you have any questions please contact the Walton Bridge Project team at:

We have details and drawings regarding the project on the links below.

click image or here for pdf map

The WBG feel this is a good thing for Walton, the bridge is an important transport link bringing visitors, employees, deliveries to the great retail and dining offer Walton now has.

- businesses feel it is long awaited, although wary of disruption such a major project could bring.  In practice there should be minimal disruption as the current bridge will be in place till the new one opens in 2013.We believe that the loyal customers of Walton will continue to support local businesses whilst facing any potential disruption however small.

- pre workshave been managed well so no reason to believe that won’t also be the case with the main works.  It is vital to maintaining free flow of traffic throughout the area.

- disruption to recreational area most noticeable but we will reap the benefits on completion 

WBG will keep members up to date and feedback any concerns to SCC as works progress
ensuring Walton continues to grow and prosper for the duration of the project
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